What You Need to Know to Land a Job in Today's Rapidly-Changing Market

A Free Mini Course to Get Your Job Search on Track

This course shares essential insights into how to conduct a successful job search in today's job market.

Video 1 - Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Resumes

Learn about the "Master Resume Approach" and how to use it to get real results.

Video 2 - The Secret Standout Applicants Know

The importance of "fit" and why it will help you succeed in your job search.

Video 3 - A Costly Mistake That Most People Make

Gain an understanding that the recruiter is judging you and making assumptions about you, using their personal professional perception.


Your Instructor

Jason M. Hill, MBA, PMP, CSM
Jason M. Hill, MBA, PMP, CSM

For over 20 years, Jason has leveraged his expertise as a recruiter to teach others tricks and tools to get ahead in their careers and secure their dream jobs. His proven methodology is designed to help those who are unhappy with their current job, looking to change industries, or simply want to get ahead and earn more or get a promotion.